Meet our partners

We enjoy collaborating with various local and international institutes.

Industry Partners

We are pleased to be associated with Raphta, a small South African start-up with a focus on AI and Machine Learning. Together we are exploring quantum-enhanced technologies with AI/Machine Learning capabilities to address novel platforms for the forth industrial revolution. Present collaborative projects address security, safety and health applications.

We have entered into a strategic agreement with Parsec, a subsidiary of the listed entity Ansys, to develop free-space communication devices that are both fast and secure.

Together with the South African branch of Hensoldt (formerly Airbus), we develop and study solid state laser systems with novel cavities and geometries.

We have a partnership with Holoeye to test new spatial light modulator technology. As a user of their state-of-the-art devices we are thrilled to “play” with new technology.


We would like to thank the following agencies and organisations for funding our activities in one way or another:

University Collaborators

We have many active collaborations and have either published or presently collaborate with the following institutes: